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VIP Betting Tips – March 2019

[tab_vip date=”01.03.2019″ match=”Al Ahli SC – Al-Ittihad FC” vip_picks=”Al Ahli SC win” odds=”1.60″ result=”1-1″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”02.03.2019″ match=”Constantine – El Ismaily” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.00″ result=”3-2″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”03.03.2019″ match=”CFR Cluj – Sepsi” vip_picks=”CFR Cluj win” odds=”1.55″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”04.03.2019″ match=”Hammarby – Dalkurd” vip_picks=”over 2,5 goals” odds=”1.70″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”05.03.2019″ match=”Longford – Cockhill” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”2.20″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”06.03.2019″ match=”Apollon – Karmiotissa” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”07.03.2019″ match=”Rennes – Arsenal” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.80″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”08.03.2019″ match=”Al Qadisiya – Al Ahli SC” vip_picks=”over 2,5 goals” odds=”1.75″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”09.03.2019″ match=”CFR Cluj – Sepsi” vip_picks=”CFR Cluj -1 AH” odds=”1.95″ result=”3-1″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”10.03.2019″ match=”U Craiova 1948 CS – Astra vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”1-0″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”11.03.2019″ match=”FCSB – Viitorul Constanta” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.90″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”12.03.2019″ match=”Al-Hilal – Al-Duhail” vip_picks=”over 2,5 goals” odds=”1.75″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”13.03.2019″ match=”Barcelona – Lyon” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.73″ result=”5-1″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”14.03.2019″ match=”Benfica – D. Zagreb” vip_picks=”over 2,5 goals” odds=”1.90″ result=”3-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”15.03.2019″ match=”Newport Co – Cheltenham” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.80″ result=”1-0″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”16.03.2019″ match=”Adamstown Rosebud – Weston Bears” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.25″ result=”2-4″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”17.03.2019″ match=”Sant Julia – UE Santa Coloma” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.05″ result=”2-1″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”18.03.2019″ match=”San Martin T. – Boca Juniors” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”1.70″ result=”1-4″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”19.03.2019″ match=”Banfield – Godoy Cruz” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.90″ result=”2-2″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”20.03.2019″ match=”Real FC – Gama” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.10″ result=”0-1″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”21.03.2019″ match=”Kazakhstan – Scotland” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.75″ result=”3-0″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”22.03.2019″ match=”Botafogo RJ – Portuguesa RJ” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”4-1″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”23.03.2019″ match=”Godoy Cruz – Deportivo Armenio” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.61″ result=”2-1″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”24.03.2019″ match=”Ceilandia – Paracatu” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.40″ result=”1-0″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”25.03.2019″ match=”Luxembourg – Ukraine” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”1-2″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”26.03.2019″ match=”Armenia – Finland” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.40″ result=”0-2″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”27.03.2019″ match=”Argentino de Quilmes – Deportivo Armenio vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.20″ result=”1-0″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”28.03.2019″ match=”Floresta EC – Ceara” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”2-2″ color=”green/]

[tab_vip date=”29.03.2019″ match=”Rennes – Lyon” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”1.80″ result=”0-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”30.03.2019″ match=”Manchester Utd – Watford” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.90″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”31.03.2019″ match=”Rayo Vallecano – Betis” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”2.20″ result=”1-1″ color=”red”/]


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