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VIP Betting Tips – June 2019


[tab_vip date=”01.06.2019″ match=”Tottenham – Liverpool” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.00″ result=”0-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”02.06.2019″ match=”D. Puerto Montt – S. Wanderers” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.62″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”03.06.2019″ match=”San Felipe – La Serena” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.10″ result=”1-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”04.06.2019″ match=”Japan U22 – Chile U23″ vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.80″ result=”6-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”05.06.2019″ match=”ASWH – Lienden” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”1.95″ result=”0-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”06.06.2019″ match=”Mongolia – Brunei” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.87″ result=”2-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”07.06.2019″ match=”Schwechat – Parndorf” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”1.65″ result=”1-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”08.06.2019″ match=”Magallanes – Union La Calera” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.80″ result=”0-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”09.06.2019″ match=”Deportes Temuco – Huachipato” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.72″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”10.06.2019″ match=”Tindastoll – Leiknir F.” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.71″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”11.06.2019″ match=”Guam – Bhutan” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.73″ result=”5-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”12.06.2019″ match=”Columbus Crew – Pittsburgh” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”1-0″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”13.06.2019″ match=”Everton – Cobresal” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.83″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”14.06.2019″ match=”Bron Radom – Huragan Morag” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.20″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”15.06.2019″ match=”Flint – Pors Grenland” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.75″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”16.06.2019″ match=”Bryneb – Vidar” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.00″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”17.06.2019″ match=”Georgia W – United Arab Emirates W” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.38″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”18.06.2019″ match=”Benin – Mauritania” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.00″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”19.06.2019″ match=”HJK – Honka” vip_picks=”HJK win” odds=”1.95″ result=”0-1″ color=”red”/]


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