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Real Madrid vs Liverpool Betting Tips 26.05.2018

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Soccer Prediction Today

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The world’s biggest football game for club teams is here! It won the Champions League finale and we have no less than Real Madrid, which is playing its third straight final against Liverpool, which is in the final for the first time since 2007. Which team is the longest straw? I have chosen a winner! ..
There is no point at all that Real Madrid is playing its third straight Champions League finale. I thought it proved well by defending the CL title last year, which also made the manger as the first team ever to win the Champions League for two consecutive years – and now you have the chance to expand the record further. An insane good job by Zinedine Zidane who more or less only won since the French took over the club. Two CL titles, one league title, and a row of other small titles in the account. Real & Zidane chases his first “real” title this season when he did not manage well in either the league or the cup – which the Catalans picked home. Now it remains to play about the absolute biggest title which, of course, had saved the season crazy a lot. Regardless, Zidane learns to be safe in his post as Real Madrid manager.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Klopp & Liverpool have a similar season I want to claim. Never be involved in the PL title (like all PL teams). Felt against West Brom in the FA Cup and Leicester in the league Cup. However, a Champions League location, of course, was very important to pick. For Liverpool, this will be a very strong season no matter how the final ends. Klopp has really gotten in order for the team and has gotten through his game idea. Now, only a few requirements are needed to stabilize the team further – possibly in the midfield and backlinks – because we’ve seen Liverpool tend to drop backwards, and at least we’ve witnessed a row of goal-rich and entertaining Liverpool- matches during the season.
For me, it’s a pretty easy choice, even if Liverpool have a very special trio that sets goals. I think & think Real Madrid is way too heavy for Liverpool. Just like Vicente Del Bosque said this day (former coach in Spain / Real):“I can not find a single player in Liverpool that would make Real Madrid better, not even Salah (Mohamed),” said Del Bosque. Real Madrid has a cruel squad and is the best club in Europe right now. ”
I can only agree .. Real’s squad has incredible amount of routine and strength. You can tighten up the pace when you feel it or when it starts to crash. We have seen it several times this season in CL and also last year and the year before. I’m confident that Real Madrid will take another Champions League title and will therefore maximize my effort.

Prediction Today: Winner of the Champions League ..

Odds: 1.70



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