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PREDICTION:Schalke 04 – 1.FC Keln 02-12-2017

Schalke 04 – 1.FC Keln – After last season’s Schalke was a disappointment, and Keln’s pleasant surprise, which resulted in their departure to the European scene, this season is a completely different situation and Schalke plays very well because of which they are the third on the table Keln has completely dropped and is convincingly the last. The eight games Schalke does not know for a defeat, with a real run in the last round, while Celtic still without first win and they have done well in the Cup, and in the European league where they can still reach the knockout stage. Last season Keln celebrated in Gelsenkirchen with 3: 1.

Schalke 04
Apart from playing well enough, it is evident that the Schalke footballers are full of confidence. For more than two months they have not lost the match and only three draws have occurred to them during that period, with the last one being definitely worth winning. They have made an incredible turnaround that is not remembered in the recent history of the Bundesliga, and to make it all the better for Schalke, they made it to Dortmund for a visit to the big neighbor Borussie.
Of course, to make a big turnaround, Schalke first had to start a disastrous start of the match and was simply blown from the ground to the middle of the first half, until Fahrmann culminated four times. Half an hour before the end, 4: 0 was standing at the traffic light, and then Schalke’s hurricane began and in the referee’s remuneration they came to equalization. In the first part, coach Tedesco made some changes and introduced Goretz and Harita to the game, which was the announcement of a return to the match. That is why both of them will be in the starting line.

1.FC Keln
And while Schalke is doing very well, Celtic does not seem to be doing well, and now they are really in an almost inexcusable situation and they will need a really long positive series to return to the game for survival because the salvage area is now far big 11 points. They have only scored two points, with the fact that they have not managed to remedy and lost four of their first-ever duels. They have only scored one goal in this series and are definitely the most effective one.
It is interesting that between these first matches they managed to win the Cup and European Cup victories, and somehow after those triumphs they hoped to get better days in the Bundesliga. Especially after the triumph over Arsenal in the European League, which left them in the knockout stage, and then only three days later, Hertha declined with 3: 0 in Cologne. They have problems with players injuries in all team lines but at least returns defensive Sorensen.

BETTING TIPS:Under 2,5 goals @ 1.80

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