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PREDICTION:Marília sub20 – Fluminense sub20 09-01-2018

Marília sub20
The rating has not yet been confirmed, but the advantage is at your side. Having played with an athlete since the first half, Marília could not impose himself against the Mogi, but held an important tie. This score was responsible for leaving Marília in the lead of the group, needing a simple tie to qualify.
The team will be able to exploit the giant’s desperation to face, which disappointed in the previous round and needs the victory to move on. Being very organized tactically, having the strength to turn with both ends, having the factor house as differential, Marília believes in its attributes to achieve the result that will lead to the next phase.
The team will not be able to count on Gemerson Bahia, suspended.

Fluminense sub20
Fluminense could have been classified in anticipation. However, being one less player on the pitch, he was surprised by the speed of Atlético Tubarão and suffered an unexpected turn. The defeat by 3 × 2 forces the team to add points this afternoon to have chances of getting one of the vacancies the next stage.
It is worth noting that in addition to the defeat in the previous round, Fluminense had not made a major debut yet. The 3-0 win over Mogi was built in the second half, when the rival also got one less player. Knowing that he needs to present more, needing to deal with the weight of being obliged to represent one of the most successful shirts in this competition, Fluminense hopes to be on his best day.
The team will not be able to count on defender Alex, suspended.

Our Tip
It’s a risky bet, there’s no doubt about it. But despite the small tradition, I saw more in Marília’s team than in Fluminense. The Carioca team has talent, but it takes time to impose its game and still lack in something more when the difficulties increase. Playing at home, needing only a draw, I believe Marília, with dedication and quality, can dream of what she wants.

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