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November 2018 – VIP Betting Tips

[tab_vip date=”01.11.2018″ match=”Nijmegen – Sittard” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.45″ result=”2-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”02.11.2018″ match=”Aberystwyth – TNS” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.62″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”03.11.2018″ match=”Santa Fe – Deportes Tolima” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.80″ result=”3-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”04.11.2018″ match=”St Etienne – Angers” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.80″ result=”4-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”05.11.2018″ match=”Chelmsford – Chippenham” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.80″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”06.11.2018″ match=”FK Crvena zvezda – Liverpool” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.20″ result=”2-0″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”07.11.2018″ match=”Urozhay – Krasnodar 3″ vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.30″ result=”1-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”08.11.2018″ match=”FAS – Santa Tecla” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”3 – 1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”09.11.2018″ match=”Deportivo Paraguayo – Liniers” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.25″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”10.11.2018″ match=”Guingamp – Lyon” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”1.75″ result=”2-4″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”11.11.2018″ match=”Arsenal – Wolves” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.70″ result=”1-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”12.11.2018″ match=”Laferrere – Midland” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.20″ result=”2-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”13.11.2018″ match=”Torquay – St. Albans” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.74″ result=”4-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”14.11.2018″ match=”Vasco – Atletico-PR” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.80″ result=”1-1″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”15.11.2018″ match=”Vasco – Atletico-PR” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.37″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”16.11.2018″ match=”Aguilas – Once Caldas” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.40″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”17.11.2018″ match=”Tubize – KSV Roeselare” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.82″ result=”3-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”18.11.2018″ match=”Ilirija – NK Krka” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”2.35″ result=”1-2″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”19.11.2018″ match=”San Francisco – Costa del Este” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”1-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”20.11.2018″ match=”Portugal U19 – Netherlands U19″ vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.38″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”21.11.2018″ match=”Kerkyra – Dramas” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.74″ result=”3-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”22.11.2018″ match=”Belasica – Renova” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.80″ result=”3-1″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”23.11.2018″ match=”Flint – Buckley” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.60″ result=”2-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”24.11.2018″ match=”Juventus – Spal” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.62″ result=”2-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”25.11.2018″ match=”Bournemouth – Arsenal” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.20″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”26.11.2018″ match=”Burnley – Newcastle” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.90″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”27.11.2018″ match=”CSKA Moscow – Plzen” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”28.11.2018″ match=”Chojniczanka – Suwalki” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.60″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”29.11.2018″ match=”Newcastle W – Brisbane Roar W” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.95″ result=”0-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”30.11.2018″ match=”Toluca – Club America” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”2-2″ color=”green”/]


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