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Guangzhou Evergrande vs Beijing Guoan Free Betting Tips 14/09

Guangzhou Evergrande vs Beijing Guoan Betting Tips

Guangzhou Evergrande

It seemed difficult for Guangzhou Evergrande to have the strength to once again fight for the Superleague title after dominating it in recent years. But the stumbling of the teams in front of them began to happen and the Guangzhou Evergrande started to live a phase that remits the previous seasons, making the possibilities of title happened to be real again.
Having five wins in the last six games, four consecutively in their last appearances, Guangzhou Evergrande will reach the top of the standings, even if tentatively, in case of a new triumph tonight. When he started playing more offensive, he started to feel more confident on the pitch, intimidating the opposition in front of him. At home, the dominance of Guangzhou Evergrande has been absolute.
Guangzhou Evergrande scored impressive twenty-two goals in the last six games, suffering seven in this stretch.

Beijing Guoan

Yes, the Beijing Guoan has one more match than its main competitors. But if you can do your part by getting points in direct bouts like this morning, the team will be able to stay ahead of the Superleague for at least one more round. As well as the opponent to face, Beijing Guoan has won five wins in the last six games.
It is possible to say that in his crossed moment, his form of action remembers much what the adversary of this morning has provided in its last appearances. The team is in a phase of great confidence, playing offense, setting their game on what their front line has been offering. It worked. As a visitor, despite some stumbling, the Beijing Guoan continues to have dominance numbers in their recent performances.
In the last six games, Beijing Guoan scored twenty goals and suffered ten goals.At least a great game. The Beijing Goan Campaign this season is quite commendable. But, the staff has no more margins for error. You will need to score points against direct opponents, like this morning. The Guangzhou Evergrande seemed out of contention, but found its best pace, once again becoming one of the big favorites in the competition.

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Bet Tips: Guangzhou Evergrande

Odds: 1.45

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