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France vs Belgium World Cup 10.07.2018

France vs Belgium Today’s Soccer Prediction

Two of the favorites to the gold meet each other on Tuesday and I think it will be a target match.
France has had a rather difficult road to the semifinals. A group in which they had two half-resistant opponents, but where they were best and ended up in the group. In the eighth, they beat Argentina in a match that was one of the most entertaining matches in this championship. In the quarterfinals a Uruguay expected to have been strong in this championship, but they were without Cavani and it seemed. France was clearly better and they proceeded fairly. Now, as I said, Belgium is waiting and we’ll see which players start, but the reputed river is almost the same as in the quarterfinals. It is said that Tolisso expires and Matuidi enters. I like Matuidi more so I think this is positive.Belgium came in one of the lightest groups in the World Cup and they came one in it. In the eighth, Japan waited and they ended up in a very difficult position when Japan took the lead with 0-2. Belgium, however, managed to turn the match and it seems to be strong, even though I think they should not be in subordinate position from the start. In the quarterfinals, Belgium’s first real test was expected, Brazil would stand for the resistance. The coach Martinez made changes to this match and I think they were crucial. Fellaini came in as a sitting midfielder and De Bryune got higher up on the track and there you are dear Bryune. Get better than him in that position. Belgium took the lead after a self-goal in a fixed situation and they extended the lead later after a magnificent contraction. They chose to play defensively, and maybe because they were sharp at the start of the match, but it did not make any dividends later in the match. Instead, Brazil entered the match and Brazil really did not have the margins, they should do more goals than they did. They eventually made only one goal and then Belgium was ready for the semi-final. Meunier got short in the match and he missed the seminar. He has done a really good tournament, both defensively and offensive.

Soccer Prediction of the Day France vs Belgium

Both teams have their strengths in the offensive I think. Deschamps must have put a nice balance in the team, but I do not think the defensive is so good. Even though they held zero against Uruguay, it was a Uruguay without Cavani and their offensive is not near Belgium. Against Argentina that did not look good offensive, France leaked in three goals. Varane is a cruel back, but he has his difficulty keeping the concentration for 90 minutes and the mistakes he stands for usually cost. Umtiti, I think, has been a security risk throughout the tournament. I’m definitely not impressed with him so far and it feels like he’s overtaken. Belgium also has a leisurely goal, but they have scored too many goals. Against Japan, they released two goals, now it should be said that Japan was very clinical in that match. Against Brazil it was one that they only released a goal. Martinez is an offensive coach and he usually has a weak defensive in his team. I think he has it too in Belgium. I am convinced that the break of Meunier will weaken their defensive, since I do not think they have a better defensive player available at that position.

Prediction Today: Both teams make goals

Odds: 1.87

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