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France vs Argentina World Cup 30.06.2018

France vs Argentina Today’s Soccer Prediction


France started as one of the big favorites in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Meanwhile, we see the role of the EM finalists of 2016 but a little more differentiated. That slumbers in the squad of the team of Didier Deschamps potential is clear. That one can not retrieve this currently or only in individual phases, as well. In addition, in the duel with Denmark in the last group match apparently the tension was already lost something. In the game forward hardly anything was moved, since the opponent was satisfied with the draw and above all ascended, developed a very lengthy encounter. True to the motto: “A good horse jumps only as high as it has to.” Against Argentina must therefore be a performance increase. The fact is that France still came through the group stage unbeaten with 7 points from 3 games, which one can not claim from the opponent. The fact is that the French, especially in attack, are still more variable than the counterparty, as we will show in our analysis of the last Argentine achievements. The fact that they scored with a goal difference of 3: 1 in the preliminary round and conceded the only goal from a penalty, speaks in any case for the defensive of the world champion of 1998. Here we see another advantage compared to Argentina. In general, we think the French staff is stronger overall. Also against Denmark France acted in the defense area extremely safe and stable, allowed in 90 minutes about only one goal shot from the opponent and was able to record over the entire playing time and almost two-thirds of the game for themselves. What is still missing, tempo and precision in the attack third. The fact is that France coach Deschamps sparred in the game against Denmark a few other players, while Argentina had to compete in absolute best. Not least physical advantages for France could result. Especially in halftime one was the performance in the last group game also quite appealing, while a stalemate resulted after the break. Strong: France has been very efficient in the final stages. After all, a quarter of all graduation attempts ended up at their destination. The up and coming in this respect is Antoine Griezmann dar, who so far could account for half of all shots on goal his team. At the other end of the field, Keeper Lloris had to intervene, not only really decisively, five times, another sign of France’s stability.


Argentina has just pulled its head out of the noose. After defeating Iceland 1-1 and their 3-0 debacle against Croatia, they defeated Nigeria 2-1 in their last group match last Tuesday, beating Nigeria as the runners-up in the last 16. Again, however, one must speak of the fact that the victory was not unhappy. Because: The hit to success was achieved only 4 minutes before the end of the game. Nevertheless, the “gauchos” showed a different face than was the case especially in the game against Croatia. Especially in the early stages you were clearly the better team, could repeatedly with aggressive pressing errors and enforce spaces and was especially successful with balls behind the defense, which came mainly from the central midfield. Here Sevilla actor Ever Banega to mention, which was able to put his teammates on the front line skillfully again and again in scene. However, towards the end of the first and especially at the beginning of the second half, we did not see Argentina as well any more, especially after the 1-1 equalizer by Victor Moses. At this stage, one thing was conspicuous again: when it’s not working, the players are looking for their superstar Lionel Messi, who provided the lead with his first tournament goal. A Messi alone, however, is unlikely to be enough against France. Other veterans such as Javier Mascherano, on the other hand, were infected by the pressure or nervous. Already noticed in the initial phase with some bad passes, ex-Liverpool and Barcelona star Mascherano also committed the (stupid) foul, which eventually led to the equalizer for Nigeria. For some momentum Joker Christian Pavón was able to provide, which will certainly be a topic for the starting eleven. In contrast to Angel di Maria. This is in our opinion emblematic of the fact that the players hide with increasing pressure more and more behind Messi, the PSG player was de facto no longer seen, especially in halftime two until his replacement. The victory against the West Africans was, after all, nevertheless earned 66 percent of the game, especially in the last quarter hour Argentina made a lot of pressure. With France, however, a much more difficult hurdle awaits. Although the direct duel clearly speaks for the South Americans. The recent 5 clashes with France could all decide for themselves, recently you have even in 3 duels in series did not even concede a goal.

Soccer Prediction of the Day France vs Argentina

Both teams could not recall their potential. We therefore expect two waiting teams, as any mistake could be punished immediately.

Prediction Today: France wins

Odds: 3.35


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