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FC Empoli vs AC Perugia Betting Tips 18.05.2018

FC Empoli vs AC Perugia Soccer Prediction Today

FC Empoli

The FC Empoli has made it. After relegation in the 2016/2017 season, which was mainly due to a weak second half, it was enough for a re-emergence in Serie A a year later. Faktum is that there is nothing for the league leaders. The lead on the tables-2. from Frosinone is currently already a proud 11 points, accordingly, even the duel for the championship title has long been decided. Nevertheless, we do not expect that Empoli will be naked and deliver a particularly poor performance. Because: Even in the past few weeks was not felt. Instead, despite a fixed championship, they were able to celebrate a 2-0 victory over Brescia, and this was the – unbelievably true – 27th consecutive game that FC Empoli have not lost. But also the only victory, which was achieved in the last 4 rounds. Previously, there were draws against Cremonese (1-1), Carpi (0-0) and Novara (1-1). The fact that they are currently the clear best team in the league, showed in the key match against the current table-2. from Frosinone, which is also currently close to promotion. The fact is, however, that the last 3 full successes in Serie A all came from abroad. So if you had problems, especially in front of your own audience. In such a successful series but you can not really speak of problems, after all, Empoli has not lost a single game in the entire second half. In addition, we assume that you want to say goodbye to your own fans in the last home game of the season with an appealing performance. The balances in their own stadium are still very good despite a few victorious matches lately: Empoli has won no less than 13 out of the 20 matches in front of his home crowd and lost just once this season. Incredible 46 goals were scored, which means an average of more than 2.5 goals per home game. The only bankruptcy was also already in September (!) Obtained in 2017, since there were no fewer than 11 victories. In addition, the FC Empoli is generally the best offensive Serie B: Incredible 86 goals have been scored in 41 games. Defensively, however, with 48 goals conceded. With Caputo and Donnarumma, there are also 2 players in the squad who have already reached or exceeded the 20-goal mark 2017/2018 and were responsible for more than 50 percent of all hits of the leader. Accordingly, these two are also hot iron in terms of goalscoring bet.

AC Perugia

For the AC Perugia it is on the last day of Serie B still a lot. The team of ex-superstar Alessandro Nesta currently separates 3 points from rank 9 and thus from a non-playoff spot. However, the goal difference with + 10 speaks for the guests. With a win on Friday you could even pass Cittadella. The latest results, however, do not necessarily suggest that you can win against the superior league leaders and masters of any full success. Because: Perugia has brought with the services shown last only in this somewhat precarious situation. Recently you have lost only one of 4 games, but none of them won. Instead, they had to settle for the relegation candidate from Novara with a 1: 1, lost to FC Bari with 1: 3 and also reached against the teams in places 12 and 20 – Salernitana and Ascoli – only a 1: 1 or 2 : 2 draw. Before that, a 2: 3 defeat came with Ternana against another relegation candidate. The biggest problems we see in the case of the Nesta Elf accordingly on the offensive. Because: In the youngest 8 games you have always conceded at least one goal, in 50 percent of these duels it was even 2 or more. Not a good omen especially before a duel with by far the best offensive in the league. However: The so far last victory in the championship was retracted at the 2: 1 against Carpi on the one hand against a then top 10 team and on the other hand away. In general, the performance in foreign countries this season were not as strong as one could expect on Friday from a success for the AC Perugia. Instead, they had to be beaten 7 times, there were also 8 games in 20 games and only 5 wins. And that although the offensive and defensive stats are not too bad. After all, 30 goals could be scored in foreign countries, whose 29 were cashed. The one or the other goal is the AC Perugia also trusted, after all, you have also been allowed to cheer in the last 7 games always at least once. Values ​​that give hope for Friday. However, the direct duel again does not speak for the guests: The last 4 duels with the FC Empoli were all lost, but you can not even score 3 times. Overall, there was only one victory in the last 10 clashes, which came in a home game. Luckily, coach Nesta will only have to do without Abdullahi Nura on Friday for whom the season has already ended.

Soccer Prediction of the Day FC Empoli vs AC Perugia

A duel that can be tackled by FC Empoli while Perugia should at least draw one for safety’s sake.

Prediction Today: FC Empoli wins

Odds: 1.75


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