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Erzgebirge Aue vs Karlsruher SC Betting Tips 22.05.2018

Erzgebirge Aue vs Karlsruher SC Soccer Prediction Today

Erzgebirge Aue – Karlsruher SC – Revanš Match Preview Match 2.Bundesliga between Erzgebirge Aue and Karlsruher is playing as if the first duel in Karlsruher did not even play because the score was 0: 0 and both teams were expected to be very careful but now they will have to risk a bit of a valuable win. The advantage of second-league Aue compared to third-placed Karlsruher is that they are now hosts and are hoping to end the series of six consecutive matches without a win, while Karlsruher wants a goal that could be enough for a final win. When is the last time Aue Waiting for Karlsruher, they celebrated with 1: 0. Start: 22.05.2018. – 18:15 SEV

Erzgebirge Aue

It is evident that Aue is struggling in the very end of the season, and for this reason the team has come into the situation to be rescued from going out. In the last five rounds, the championships were left without a win and they won only one point so it could happen that they also fell. They did nothing better in the first match with Karlsruher, though it seemed to them that their goal was to make the unbeaten return from that match and then try to secure their ground in their own field.
The problem was still ineffective, and even in Karlsruher they did not score, and it was the third consecutive match in which they did not shake their rivals. Regarding the composition, however, Kempe recovered on the left side, and there was no Hartner, while the rest of the team was completely expected. Now there is a new problem of right-wing Rizzuto injury, which will not play and maybe cross Kalig.
Trusted initial composition of Erzgebirge Aue: Mannel – Rapp, Tiffert, Cacutalua – Kalig, Kempe – Riese, Fandrich – Kopke, Nazarov, Bertram

Karlsruher SC

Karlsruher failed to take advantage of the home field in the first round and now they are in a rather difficult situation, although the rival did not beat them and they were a better team, which leaves them hopeful that they could make a return to the league league in retreat. Karlsruher did not have a problem with reaching goals in the finals of the championship, but overall they were not over-effective so against Aue they did not give up, which might have been crucial because it would be much easier to play them now. That is how this goal will have to be somehow achieved by the guests if they want to go back to the “bush”, although we do not believe Schwartz coach to make some bigger changes.
In the final round of the duel against Jen played a combined team and it was clear that they rested the best players, and that was logically a lot of changes in the team for that first duel against Aue and the only surprise was Bader on the right side and Thiede on the same stranger something more offensive. The band is likely to be on the pitch now, as during the first match, Schwartz made only one change in the finish itself.
Convinced initial composition of Karlsruher: Uphoff – Bader, Pisot, Gordon, Fohrenbach – Marc Mehlem, Wanitzek, Thiede, Muslija – Schleusener, Pourie

Soccer Prediction of the Day Erzgebirge Aue vs Karlsruher SC

We do not expect some major changes in the approach of the two teams, which means there will be a lot of precaution on both sides and a real chance is waiting because one goal can solve everything. That is why we are again forecasting a duel with a few goals.

Prediction Today: below 2 goals

Odds: 1.83

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