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Rivals in the German Bundesliga, Duisburg and Padeborn are struggling on Tuesday, February 5, to survive in the 2018/2019 German Cup title fight. The match, which is part of the eighth-round schedule of the competition, will be held at the Schauinsland-Reisen Arena in Duisburg, scheduled to start at 5:45 pm ET.The game, like all the clashes of the tournament, is eliminatory. The winner proceeds to the next stage. In case of equality, the regulation establishes an extension of 30 minutes. If equality persists, the definition is made through penalty kicks.


Duisburg keep their defense intact in the tournament. In his debut match, as a visitor, he dispatched the Dassendorf scoring 1-0. In the second phase, again acting out of his dominions, the defensive system remained efficient and the attack worked even better. Thus, Arminia Bielefeld was eliminated by taking 3 to 0.In Bundesliga 2, the biggest difficulties make the performance quite different. With 37 goals conceded, the Duisburg have the second most leaked defense of the competition. This brings, of course, direct reflection on your situation in the rating table. With 16 points (four wins, four draws and 12 losses), he is, after 20 of the 34 rounds scheduled, in the seventeenth – penultimate – placing. That is, in the relegation zone.The situation is not irreversible. The difference for the Magdeburg, fifteenth placed and first outside the region of the sticking, is minimal, of only one point. In addition, after five straight losses, the Duisburg shows signs of reaction. On Friday, February 1, he interrupted the sequence by scoring at home 3-2 in Darmstadt.Yet he could not get out of the awkward situation of being the worst host of the Second Division. Of the 30 points that he played in his stadium, he won only six (two wins and eight losses) having scored nine goals and suffered 20. It is the worst main attack of the tournament.


Although his campaign is not spectacular, Padeborn is on another level. With 31 points (eight wins, seven draws and five losses), he appears in the seventh place in the Bundesliga 2 standings and can hope to advance to the First Division.This privilege is granted to teams that finish in the first two places. The peloton is closed by the Colony, which has five more points. There is, however, a ‘plan B’. Who is in the third position has the possibility of playing a playoff with the penultimate place of the Bundesliga. In that case, the difference between Paderborn and Union Berlin, who is in third place, is three points.The campaign as a visitor to Paderborn, however, has been an obstacle to improving their situation. Of the 27 points that played in the condition of column two, it collected only ten (three victories, one tie and five defeats). It ranks eleventh in this ranking among the 18 Second Division participants.In the Cup of Germany, made his debut having the opportunity to work at home. He beat Ingolstadt 2-1. But when the draw put him to play outside his dominions, he passed with even greater ease. He dispatched Chemie Leipzig with 3-0.

Football Prediction of the Day Duisburg vs Paderborn

The teams had their most recent meeting in the first round of the 2018/2019 Bundesliga 2. At home, Duisburg won 2-0.Although the situation of Padeborn in the Bundesliga 2 could indicate to the team a major focus in the attempt of access to the division of elite of the German soccer, the fact is that the season 2018/2019 is not the best one for that. After all, two teams with great cheer and investment power were demoted the previous season. In this way, hardly Hamburg and Cologne will not be left with the direct access vacancies leaving the others open only the fight for the recapture.This should make sure the team does not get off the pace in the German Cup and before a Duisburg threatened by relegation, the prognosis in the visitors’ success comes as the best guess in this confrontation for the round of 16 in the 2018 edition of the tournament / 2019.

Bet Tips: Paderborn

Odds: 2.25


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