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December 2018 – VIP Betting Tips

[tab_vip date=”01.12.2018″ match=”Mattersburg – Admira” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.80″ result=”2-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”02.12.2018″ match=”Acassuso – Defensores Unidos” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.50″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”03.12.2018″ match=”Aarhus – Vejle” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.95″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”04.12.2018″ match=”West Ham – Cardiff” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.66″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”05.12.2018″ match=”Everton – Newcastle” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.90″ result=”1-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”06.12.2018″ match=”Vietnam – Philippines” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.05″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”07.12.2018″ match=”PSV – Excelsior” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.75″ result=”6-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”08.12.2018″ match=”St. Polten – Altach” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.90″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”09.12.2018″ match=”Aalborg – Horsens” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”1.60″ result=”2-4″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”10.12.2018″ match=”Ath Bilbao – Girona” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.00″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”11.12.2018″ match=”Schalke – Lokomotiv Moscow” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.80″ result=”1-0″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”12.12.2018″ match=”Plzen – AS Roma ” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.61″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”13.12.2018″ match=”PAOK – BATE” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.90″ result=”1-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”14.12.2018″ match=”Nurnberg – Wolfsburg” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.05″ result=”0-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”15.12.2018″ match=”Inter – Udinese” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.90″ result=”1-0″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”16.12.2018″ match=”Nacional Potosi – The Strongest” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”2.30″ result=”2-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”17.12.2018″ match=”Bristol City U23 – Watford U23″ vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.10″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”18.12.2018″ match=”Caen – Toulouse” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”19.12.2018″ match=”Amiens – Lyon” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”1.90″ result=”2-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”20.12.2018″ match=”Brisbane Roar W – WS Wanderers W” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.61″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”20.12.2018″ match=”Nordia Jerusalem – Yehuda ” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.25″ result=”1-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”21.12.2018″ match=”Wolves – Liverpool” vip_picks=”BTS/NO” odds=”1.80″ result=”0-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”22.12.2018″ match=”Huddersfield – Southampton” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”1-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”23.12.2018″ match=”Augsburg – Wolfsburg” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.80″ result=”2-3″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”24.12.2018″ match=”Defence Force – Welayta Dicha” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.00″ result=”3-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”25.12.2018″ match=”Sakhnin – Netanya” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.00″ result=”0-2″ color=”red”/]

[tab_vip date=”26.12.2018″ match=”Leicester – Manchester C” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”1.95″ result=”2-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”27.12.2018″ match=”Qatar – Algeria” vip_picks=”1″ odds=”2.20″ result=”0-1″ color=”red”/

[tab_vip date=”28.12.2018″ match=”RA Ain Defla – Oran” vip_picks=”BTS/YES” odds=”2.20″ result=”1-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”29.12.2018″ match=”Napoli – Bologna” vip_picks=”over 2.5 goals” odds=”1.60″ result=”3-2″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”30.12.2018″ match=”Crystal Palace – Chelsea” vip_picks=”2″ odds=”1,70″ result=”0-1″ color=”green”/]

[tab_vip date=”31.12.2018″ match=”Beitar Jerusalem – Hapoel Haifa” vip_picks=”Over 2,5 goals” odds=”1,95″ result=”1-1″ color=”red”/]


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