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Colombia vs England World Cup 03.07.2018

Colombia vs England Today’s Soccer Prediction

We have a real treat before us tonight. In addition to Sweden against Switzerland, which is the early match, Colombia is also played against England at 8:00 pm. My rack is about the last game.
I was not particularly worried that Colombia would not solve the advance despite an extremely weak start – but everything was due to Sanchez’s red card + punishment against Japan, after four minutes – and it immediately became a long uphill. But already in that match, Colombia showed strength despite playing with a man less throughout the game. Round 2 & 3, Colombia won 3-0 win against Poland and 1-0 Senegal respectively, and ended group.
England has barely been tested, I would say and the really tough game must have been Tunisia, as it was possible to win, in addition to that, the English made Panama 6-1 and fell to Belgium with 1-0. The reason I do not mention Belgium is because both teams rotated heavily – feels meaningless to point out correctly or wrong from the match. Harry Kane is in any case stubborn and is currently conducting a shot with five World Cup bales.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Colombia vs England

That Colombia has over four times the money on profit while England around two just feels great. Normally, the English are overestimated and it would not really surprise anyone if England fires tonight. I think as saying that one was not put to the test while Colombia showed strength match after match despite a heavy start in the tournament. Colombia is a team of multi-player players who work incredibly hard for each other. A typical South American team.I skip games from the 1×2 market and instead stick to “who’s advancing” and find an interesting odds on Colombia that pays the entire 2.55 times the money. There will be no super high bet here but just feel that a game against the English is a must – despite being quite big favorites. As I said, I do not trust a dew in England – overrated as usual.

Prediction Today: To advance ..

Odds: 2.55

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