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BETTING:Lanús – Grêmio 29-11-2017

After much controversy inside and especially outside the four lines, Lanús and Grêmio will decide on Wednesday, November 29, the title of the 2017 edition of the Copa Libertadores de America. In the stadium La Fortaleza, in Lanús, the confrontation begins scheduled to 21:45 (Brasília time).
In the first match, in Porto Alegre, the tricolor Gaucho won by 1-0. Thus, will get the title in case of a tie or victory. To the Argentines, only the success by two goals of difference guarantees the title in the normal time. Success by minimum difference takes the decision for extension and if there is need definition by penalties charges. Contrary to what has happened throughout the tournament, the qualified goal will not be used with a tiebreaker.

The recent performance of Lanús
Promoting turns like this has been a rule, not an exception, in the Lanús campaign throughout the tournament. In the semifinals, the team was in a much worse situation than the moment, including by the use of the qualified goal criterion. Against River Plate, it took 1 to 0 in the opponent’s field. In their stadium, they were losing 2-0, but got a reaction with a goal in the final seconds that gave the victory by 4 to 2 and the right to play in the final.
Before, there had been another historic match before another team in Argentina. He lost in the quarterfinals to San Lorenzo, 2-0. In La Fortaleza, he returned the score. The score was 4 – 3 at the break.
In the face of these scenarios, the duel of the last 16 even loses a little importance. Against the Bolivians of The Strongest, Lanús managed to return with the advantage of the tie by 1 to 1. Thus confirming this situation with the home victory by 1 to 0 can be considered soup in the honey.
Part of this advantage that Lanús has been able to perform for all games in their domains must be placed in the Chapecoense board account. The teams were in the same group in the first phase. The Argentines would get their place regardless of the 2-1 defeat at La Fortaleza, in front of the Santa Catarina alviverde.
Chape, however, made life easier for the rivals by climbing a suspended athlete, defender Luiz Otávio. Thus, the field score was reversed to a defeat of 3 to 0, which led Lanús to 13 points (four wins, one draw and one defeat), situation through which ended up taking advantage against all rivals in the stage of forest -mata having the right to decide at home due to the superior campaign in the initial stage.
For the decision, Lanus can still count on an advantage in the calendar. It did not have in the calendar any match for the Argentine Championship and can concentrate its preparation aiming the game of this Wednesday. However, for some time the local tournament had been in the background. In the last three rounds, the club was defeated and came in a modest nineteenth place with 12 points (four wins and five draws).

The current form of the Guild

The possible advantage offered by the game schedule was neutralized by Grêmio with the line-up of a fully-booked team to face Atlético-GO on Sunday, November 25, for the thirty-seventh and penultimate round of the Brazilian Championship in its 2017 edition. 1 to 1 took the team to 62 points (18 wins, eight draws and 11 losses), keeping him in the fight for the runner-up.
However, this goal does not seem to be a real goal of the club, which has achieved what it already needed through the Brasileirão, which is the direct classification for the group stage of the 2018 edition of Libertadores. Of course it is a ‘Plan B’. After all, the great goal is to reach the tournament defending the title.
To improve his chances, the club has held an intense backstage battle since its victory in Porto Alegre. In spite of the advantage obtained, the arbitration took disputed action and prejudiced the tricolor in two important throws. He failed to score a clear maximum penalty in favor of the Gremistas in the final moments of the match and presented, unfairly, a yellow card for defender Kanneman. Thus, due to the accumulation of punishments of this type, the experienced Argentine athlete will not be able to act on Wednesday.
The South American Confederation of Soccer attended the protests of the gauchos and got to make change in the scale of arbitration for the second game. Of course, he did not accept criticism of the problems of the first game or cancel Kanneman’s card. So Bressan will stay with the post.

History of the bouts between Lanús and Grêmio
The first leg was the first encounter involving the teams in history.

The home campaign of the Lanús indicates the hunch in the owners of the house as the most suitable for the regulation time. Argentine success has a 2.30 prize in Bet365. Draw has a return of 2.87 and victory gremista yields 3.60 by 1.

BETTING TIPS:Lanus win @ 2.30

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