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BETTING TIPS:Cremonese – US Palermo 12.11.2017

Cremonese – US Palermo – In the derby of the 14th round of Italian Serie B, they meet third Cremona and Palermo, who currently have one point surplus. And since the long-awaited first-legged star from Sicily and expecting a top-level fight, this high-ranking Cremona show is a really nice surprise, as they did third in last season. That is why their last duels took place in 2012 and 2013 at the Cup and then Palermo routinely celebrated on both occasions.

But in the meantime the Cremonese team has progressed considerably, and even after 12 years of absence, they have been again in Serie B, where they are now holding very good matches and only two points are shared by the leading Frosinone. And between them is just Palermo, which we have already said is currently only one point more than Cremona, so that domestic footballers will be strongly motivated to win this Sunday’s match.
The team is more than because they still do not know the defeat in their field, but they also have only two wins and even four rhymes, which is only a saying that their main aim is to remain undefeated. Otherwise, the choices of experienced coach Tesser are in a series of five remixes and two wins, the last of which they made last weekend at guest at Foggie. As for the situation with the playmate, the duel with Palermo is only to be challenged by the attacker Paulinho.

US Palermo
When it comes to guests from Sicily, they are the only one in the league with just one season defeat for Salernitana, but the overwhelming number of rhymes, even seven, in the meantime cost the loss of leader position on the Serie B table. However, they still have just less than the leading Frosinone so that they can return to the first place after this round, of course, if they win in this difficult run at the third-placed Cremonese.
And that this will be a very demanding task for coach Tedina’s choice is best confirmed by the fact that only six victories have been entered in the last six games so far, while in all the remaining matches they have been drawn unresolved. That is why we believe that their main goal now is to avoid defeat, especially since they still have a lot of problems with the backlog missing. Namely, in addition to the suspended El Kaoutarija, Bellusci, Rajković, Aleesami and Dawidowicz did not compete for this match.


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