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AS Roma vs Liverpool Betting Tips 02.05.2018

AS Roma vs Liverpool Soccer Prediction Today

The home side advantage is heavy and you do not think so, just ask in Barcelona. The Romans were exhibited at Anfield and were lucky with 2-5, but oddsfully, with Liverpool’s three goals in the back, good arguments for playing the Roma victory in the return.

The fact that Liverpool has three goals in the back means that they can afford to lose (even with two goals) and steadily move on.
The above is not hot air. Several seasons’ statistics show that teams who go into return camps with clear leadership have the underperformance.
Roma has the tools to challenge Liverpool. Dzeko scores virtually every match, and Schick and El Shaarawy seem to have started.
Liverpool can play awesome football, but I do not think you can call the team (but you can not of course do that with Roma too).
Roma is a tactically very flexible crew, and coach Eusebio Di Francesco has been able to screw things together in several big matches.
The above point continued: The tactical flexibility of the Roma crew was the key to the 3-0 victory over FC Barcelona.
The above again continues: The secret is simple – it is about hitting the opponent where he is weakest. And the Liverpool defensive has weaknesses.

Rome was well played for an hour at Anfield and could hardly have lost more than 2-5. Is it really wise to close your eyes?
Liverpool is the only crew in the Champions League that has not yet lost, and Liverpool was convincing in both quarter finals against Manchester City.
Reds have scary contrasting people in fast Salah, Mané & Co. Do they say no whose good conversion chances arise?
The two Roma midfielder Kevin Strootman and Diego Perotta are questionable (and maybe even very doubtful).
Even though Klopp likes attacking soccer, it can also be played cautiously (however, this could be as well under “Why do you play it?”).

Soccer Prediction of the Day AS Roma vs Liverpool

There is one important circumstance that typically fluctuates some percentages in favor of a bet on Roma victory like this. Namely, that Liverpool can afford to lose, even lose two goals, and still move on.
Why would it affect CV, can you ask? Well, just like that – just look at the latest many years of statistics in matches like these … and you do not really need to look back anymore than this spring eight and quarter finals … Liverpool and Manchester City’s return matches against FC Porto and Basel in the eighth finals and Real Madrid and Bayern Munich’s return matches against Juventus and FC Sevilla in the quarterfinals clearly show what I mean. The reason is human enough, as the time when the fight goes, more and more focuses on achieving the desired result, plus the fact that with a (big) lead in the back from the first match … yes, the attention may be always as big as it should be …
But do not misunderstand, this circumstance does not increase Rome’s chance to win overall, but in the individual match, the return to Olimpico, yes, the fact that Liverpool can afford to lose, move one-two percent away from Liverpool victory over in favor of Rome winning.
In addition, I actually think Rome has the tools to win a match like this one. Edin Dzeko scores virtually every match, and lately, two other attackers, Romans and Stephan El Shaarawy, Romans also seem to have started. The first half hour at Anfield, Rome was definitely not the Liverpool subordinate, and I predict that the home side benefit will mean quite a bit.

Prediction Today: AS Roma wins

Odds: 2.55

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